So you want your book on Amazon?


We offer services to help with self-publishing on Amazon. 

If you plan to self-publish your book you should be on Amazon for one very important reasons:  

  1. Amazon is the leading book distributor in the United States. 

Another reason why you might consider Amazon is if you don’t want to sell your books in a shop, bookstore, or online shop.  This might sound a little odd but there are plenty of people that aren’t interested in the traditional book publishing process, or the book sales process.

With print-on-demand you don’t have to maintain any stock of books nor do you pre-purchase hundreds of books.  

With ebooks there is no stock, but you would need an online shop and credit card processing if you want to sell it yourself. 

Or you can simply sell on Amazon. 

How we can help you with Self Publishing on Amazon

The first step is to create the appropriate Amazon accounts to self-publish your book and highlight you as the author.
Formatting for Print-on-Demand and ebook, upload to Amazon, test, and publish as planned.
Marketing on Amazon is very similar to SEO marketing on Google and other search engines. We can help you with the next steps.




Per Page

  • Format WordDoc for Amazon Print-on-Demand & ebook.

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