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If you build a website, an online business, affiliate marketing, or a referral marketing business every business owner wants to know … when will the clients come? It’s not easy these days because there are so many businesses with an online presence. And there are so many non-businesses in the same digital space! note: This year alone my son created two very different websites to support his senior year projects – and this is not the first year that he’s created one.

Your Website is the Hub of an Integrated Internet Marketing Initiative

website hub of SEOBusiness owners need to compete in a very congested digital space, the Internet. Usually, your company website is the “hub” of your Internet Marketing campaign. The first goal of all SEO initiatives is to get the Search Engines (like Google) to know that they are an active business. 

The ongoing goal is to improve the positioning search results for various terms (keywords and phrases) that searchers might use. In natural, organic SEO the goal is to be on the first or second page of search results.

In addition to getting the attention of the Search Engines, it is critical to:

  1. Reach your target audience
  2. Convert visitors into clients.

Local, National and International SEO campaigns will get your website the visibility it needs for the keywords that your prospects are using. And we will monitor and track to improve conversions.


Search Engine Optimization is an all inclusive, integrated, customizable service to market businesses on the Internet.

An SEO campaign can encompass marketing your business via your: website, blog, social media, press releases, videos, podcasts, and enewsletters.

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Social Media Optimization, SMO, researches, analyzes, and optimizes your social media channels or helps you select which channel you want to be on.

SMO will promote online referrals, grow your client/prospect “fan” base, serve as a reminder about¬†promotions, provide subject-matter-expert materials, or to be an outlet to showcase your business culture including eco-friendly, giving-back, and featuring employees.

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Search Engine Marketing, SEM, is best described as Internet Advertising. This includes but is not limited to Google AdWords. For immediately visibility ask about SEM.

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Why Self-Publish? Many business owners are subjet-matter-experts and want to have a book or ebook to share.

Whether you are a published author or an independent self-published author (indie author) your digital footprint, your digital files, and your Internet Marketing plan all need to be thought about. We can help with Book Covers, Websites Marketing, SEO, and converting your Word Doc into a book!

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Additional Services include Monthly SEO, DIY SEO Coaching, SEO Consulting, Social Media Optimization, or SEM Advertising

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