Author Publishing Services

ebook print-on-demand

Whether you are a published author or an independently published author (indie author) there are some digital and promotional services that you might need … anything from:

  • Assistance with creating and branding your author accounts (social media and other 3rd party accounts)
  • Creating your author or book website
  • Designing a book cover
  • Formatting of your ebook and print-on-demand
  • Self-publishing on Amazon and Smashwords
  • Planning your book launch
  • and Marketing and Optimizing (SEO) all your Internet properties to help promote your book!

Indie Author Self-Publishing

Print-on-Demand and eBooks

The beauty of working with an indie author is they are not interested in managing stock and like the inventory-free concept of print-on-demand and ebooks.  Typically we will help indie authors self-publish on Amazon and Smashwords. There are plenty of other places to publish but this is a good starting point … in terms of getting the book into formats that people can read. Not sure what we mean by formats? Ebooks can be purchased for any number of ebook readers, smartphones, tablets, or even downloadable files like txt, html, and pdf. We can help you convert your book’s doc file into the formats to reach your target audience.

Book Covers

Print Covers vs eBook Covers

There are a lot of graphic designers creating covers, but what might look great on a printed book (front cover, spine, and back cover) might not look so good with just the front cover on a black and white digital screen like the Nook Glow Light. Let us help you design a cover that sells.

Marketing Your Book

Websites, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization

Amazon is a great place to sell lots of books, but your book will be lost in the myriads of books that are posted daily. And… Amazon tends to help those authors who make an attempt at helping (promoting) themselves. What this means is you need to help drive traffic to your website and that can be accomplished via advertising, creating a website and directing traffic to purchase social media campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Some people add their books to their existing business websites to show credibility. Others want an author website or a book website. We don’t create the websites but we work with website designers who do. And we can conduct Search Engine Optimization, SEO, on existing and new websites – so if they are custom HTML sites, WordPress sites, WIX sites, SquareSpace sites… we can help promote your book!

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